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KJV Gods Word Bible Belivers Podcast

Welcome to KJV God's Word Bible Belivers Podcast. The podcasts will range from verse by verse teaching of the bible, to topical teaching. Some of the Topics will include.


  • The Deity of Jesus Christ
  • The Virgin birth
  • The Trinity
  • The rapture
  • The unpardonable sin

Some of our topics can and will be determined by you our listeners. Eather by your sugestions our if enuf people ask the same question we can do a podcast to answer it.

About me your host. I am a fundentmental Bible believing Baptist. Which means I believe in.


  • The deity of Jesus Christ.
  • The Virgin birth.
  • The Death.
  • Burial.
  • Resurrection.
  • The inspiration, preservation, and inerrancy of Scripture.
  • Salvation by Grace through faith.
  • The Trinity.


And much more that will be covered in the first podcast, and others to come.